We Are

We work with some of the most exciting entrepreneurs and firms who are leading digital transformation in B2B and B2B2C sectors and can always find a solution to meet your budget to deliver digital strategy, design, mobile and web apps. From advice on disruptive digital strategies, incredible user experiences, simple but beautiful designs to rich, engaging content we transform how users interact online with your brand and products driving up usage, engagement and revenues for you. We always execute on-time, on-budget and beyond your expectations.

Userly is a team of experts. We only hire the most experienced designers, UX specialists, digital marketeers, software developers, and technology operations and software quality specialists.  We are all full-time, we never outsource and we never off-shore. We all have years of success and experience working with both large brands and new start-ups working across B2B and B2B2C sectors.

Becoming part of your team is central to our collaborative way of working - allowing us to take ideas from strategy and concept to launch and evaluation as quickly and effectively as possible.

We believe in a culture of collaboration, flexibility, humour and humility, community and individuality, creative freedom, curiosity and most of all the love for what we do everyday. 


Our Services

The Userly team provides expert creative, graphic and UX design, mobile and desktop software development and strategic consulting. We frequently help firms raise perform due-diligence, raise finance rounds, guide digital strategy discussions and deliver and build high-end software solutions. We provide technical builds for web, Android, iOS and web, CTO as a service, design and full consultation for your projects - big or small. We work with leading entrepreneurs at their seed, early and growth stages. We also work with large enterprise clients helping improve, and in some instances save, existing projects and processes.  We work on a fee or fee/equity basis and have a network of investors that we can introduce you to.

Financial Technology Interface Design and Software Development

We have a deep domain knowledge and expertise in designing interfaces, front and back-end technology for Financial Technology products - mobile and web. 

Our Founder was the CTO and the Financial Times, Thomson Reuters, Data Explorers and has recently provided CTO-as-a-service to Red Deer and Credit Benchmark.  Our team has worked with in a variety of senior design and technology positions with firms such as RBS and Wonga. We have designed interfaces for Financial Technology startups who are part of the Barclays Techstars programme and worked on complex UI workflows and technology development with both professional market and retail market start-ups.

We are also experts in helping set up highly secure systems and processes that will pass technical security audits from tier one banks, hedge funds and buy side institutions - including advice on ISO 27001 and other protocols.

We work with leading financial API providers and have years of experience architecting and delivering complex, high availability and highly secure back-end technology.

Due Diligence for Management Teams, Angels, VC and Private Equity

We provide technical strategy due-diligence services for investors wanting to have a deeper grasp of the technical opportunities and likely costs in an investment, acquisition company sale or merger. Our skill set spans overall digital strategies, technical development and operations projects, team capability reviews - both people and process, and deep code reviews.  We have worked with some of the top global Private Equity firms, Venture Capital firms and leading angel investors in the digital space.  We have particular specialism in data publishing companies, financial technology firms, B2B and B2B2C web and mobile platforms. If a firm is dealing with data we can help.

Media and Publishing UX and Software Development

We have years of experience in the media and publishing sectors from content-led to data-led brands across pharma and healthcare, general news, financial data and news.  This has included working with firms such as Datix, the leading supplier of patient safety incidents healthcare software and risk management software systems and William Reed Business Media the leading B2B publisher of The Grocer and other titles, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Factset, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

We have expertise in all of leading API and platform solutions used for search, data manipulation and publishing, content workflows and search engine optimisation - for web apps, Android and iOS apps.  We have a team of expert Content Management System developers and frequently build complex bespoke modules for new and existing publishing platforms.  We also provide digital strategy advice for payment solutions and approaches and mobile strategies.


Entertainment Industry UX and Software Development

From game development on mobile and web, mobile video live streaming, through to music, media and video distribution we are experts in providing end-to-end solutions to the entertainment industry.

We have expert game developers and UX designers who have worked on some of the leading mobile apps for Android and iOS from wallpaper apps through to complex 3D games.  We are looking for opportunities to work with wearable technology start-ups including Google Glass and Oculus Rift.

Most recently, we are the team behind the mobile app platform for Disciple Media, the leading provider of premium mobile fan clubs.